Part of the work of an entrepreneur is to constantly think about new ideas, new projects or the future. You can’t get anywhere if you do not look at the coming months and figure out how you will face those problems that have not even happened. Part of the job is to start worrying about how to fix them when they hit and if they don’t, well, you just spent countless hours for nothing, but now you have the peace of mind that you had an idea of how to fix them.

You might think this is idiotic. I actually think this everyday when I am distracted from my daily duties and I start with my fatalist scenario-thinking. Believe me, it is no fun at the beginning, but like anything in life, you get used to it, and frankly after a while, the fantasizing becomes part of your routine. There comes a time if you do not know if you are working or daydreaming, but let there be no mistake, you are wondering about your future and how to improve it.

For those who have done this, you will not let me lie, that when this happens, you actually start to find answers for some of the currents problems and you start resolving them without even wanting to! At the same time, you think, “why didn’t I think of this before. ┬áIf I am always thinking ahead, why didn’t I foresee this.” Well, there are 3 good reasons: 1) You are not the mighty powerful god that you think you are, 2) You can’t tell the future and 3) It did not go as you planned. Whatever the situation, if you had actually guessed it, you would have had a response, since you did not, you had to come up with one. Problems are part of the business and the must be resolved.

It is very similar to cashing a check. You see it one minute, the next minute it is in your account, and the next second you already spent it. (No entrepreneur has readily cash available always, that is a blatant lie, as they are always planning for the next big thing) The point is that when you make a habit out of planning, it becomes second nature and it feels like a regular part of your day. It becomes part of who you are and it is one of the reasons you are probably and entrepreneur,

I will get back to my daydreaming job and to actually finishing what I was doing before I got distracted.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble…