No freaking way…

Just when you think everything is under control, life gives you a good dose of reality and gets you back in your place. This did not happen to us this last to weeks. Well, then why are you writing about it, you might ask yourself, and the answer is quite simple, because I am telling you it is bound to happen.

Just like when you throw a baseball, whether you are a pitcher or a little kid playing, you know that the ball, sooner than later is going to have to come down. If you can’t realize that, then you are not accepting your reality, and that certainly is dangerous.

As an entrepreneur, you need to always stay grounded in your emotions, we have talked about this several times. You also need to stay grounded in your plans, as they might make most sense when things are going good but then all of a sudden as things turn, they might make no sense at all and place your business in jeopardy.

There is no freaking way that we can foresee anything and everything thrown our way. Just this week I had a client tell me that there is another company with real bad blood against me. He was not concerned, from what I could see, but mostly surprised. I told him why I thought this was happening and he seemed very satisfied and surprised at my calm demeanor. I told him that business decisions from 10 years ago made me enemies, it gave great success to my old employer and not so good for them as competitors. I guess they can’t let it go and that is fine with me. He was surprised I did not speak badly about them, and I told them that they are a good company and have a great product, they just think differently than I do and I do not hold grudges in my personal life, I am not going to do it in my business life either. That is no way to live!

In essence, I expect that all the good things that are happening around us, one day stop. They do not have to go away, but it can all of a sudden bring us some bad news. We can’t always expect good news and think that success is eternal. I am sure there will be some instances where we bang our heads against the desk and ask why us? Well, being grounded helps you deal with that. If you can’t, then challenges can be very bitter and hard to work through.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble…