Busy…Real busy…

…and happy.  I guess that is what matters at the end of the day.  I have had a lot of luck in my jobs over the years. I have been truly blessed to work for people that were willing to take a chance on me and my big mouth along with my know-it-all attitude. I know I am annoying and sometimes arrogant.  As well as I know that my tone is condescending at times and my sarcastic remarks do not help.  That is what makes me special.

We are all imperfect beings; I am proud to count myself as imperfect and human. I am happy that I get to live everyday with my multiple flaws and countless people telling me (or not) about them.  I really hold no ill-will towards people who remind me of my character deficiencies or point out the brashness in my personality.  On the contrary, every time and every day I mess up, I learn to be more humble and to expect to fail again in my daily dealings.  Nothing like a good dose of foot in your mouth.

If you are wondering if I did something or if something happened for me to be so candid, well, no, nothing happened, but I am so busy at this point in time that two things I must confess:  One, I had nothing to post this week, so I roasted myself in an effort to fill these pages and two, and most importantly, I need to remind myself that I should not take myself that seriously, even though I am busy, busy, busy and might want to get the feeling of importance somewhere in there in my big head.

So, as I was telling you, it is good to be happy with one’s imperfections; I would rather know them and work on them than ignore them and believe I am something I am not.  An entrepreneur’s life is simpler when you accept things as they are.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck…


Keep Calm and Stay Humble….


As we have a large group of fans waiting to hear what we are doing (almost 6 at last count) I can tell you that next week is the deadline for deciding to continue or to shut down this crazy venture.  There is no way in hell I am shutting down.

I want you to know that we have so much stuff in our plate, we are considering seriously turning business away. No joke.  We have so many people interested in our services and our programs that I can honestly tell you we that are overwhelmed.  I am unfortunately working 6 to 7 days a week now, not what I wanted, but if you start a new business, what do you expect?  Money is OK, we are covering our expenses, not making much yet, but the maturity of the projects is what brings you long-term income streams not so much the initial phase.

My partners have started to get bonuses plus their salaries and my wife/partner might be getting a salary soon!  She is happy. I am the only one that is still broke, but happy!  I will tell you one thing, the one-year anniversary blog will be something interesting, I assure you, that is coming up after Labor Day.  You can’t do this by yourself, my partners are all great and most of all, our principals, are really awesome.

One thing that I do, and frankly I do well, is that I am always curious to push the limits of business.  I want to learn more and to meet different people.  We have been fortunate enough to make investments in avenues that will bring us more quality business. I think that your time investments are the most costly and they are the ones that take longer to pay off.  There is no substitute though for satisfaction and I am telling you, we are entrepreneurs and we rock!

Keep Calm and Stay Humble… while rocking it….

Personal moment…

This weekend I graduated from Villanova University. I was bestowed a Master’s of Science in Analytics from the Villanova School of Business. Basically Predictive Analytics on Steroids. Big Data is the future.

As many of you know, I hold a Master’s of Business Administration from Rice University.  My specializations are Marketing and Strategy. I received my degree from the Jones Graduate School in 2010.

My wife and partner has told me no more school. I can see and understand why.  Not only are they really expensive, but they take a lot of space from our family time. They place a big stressful burden on me and most of all, they do not let me practice my golf game (which really needs to be practiced.)

All in all, this week’s blog is to tell you I am so tired of school (right now) I do not foresee anything in the future for the next 3 years at least. After that, I am not making any promises. Now, if something extraordinary were to happen and let’s say I have all the time in the world and nothing else to do, well then…education will always prevail.  An interested mind will always find a friend in culture and books.  An entrepreneur’s mind does not rest, it only loses consciousness.  Always educating yourself will lead you to discovery of new and wonderful truths about life, others and mostly about yourself.

I love to learn new thing and challenge myself. I invite you to take what seems an impossible challenge and look at how you can improve your own education. You will be a better person for it, not because of titles or initials at the end of your name, but because you will discover that there is a part of you that is wonderfully complex and yearns strengthening your most important desires: Curiosity.

For now, let’s stick to this new company and forget about the books for a while

Stay Calm and Keep Humble…


A bunch of…

They say that when it rain it pours.  Figure Houston out the last month. We had some rain and then we got hit with two days of non-stop rain in very short periods and wind up with 30 inches of water.  Needless to say, you saw the news and the disasters.  Three or four days later we get another 10-12 inches.  A lot of people lost their homes, some lost their lives, we were very fortunate and we just lost some time.

Well, mother nature is wise and there is a reason things happen like this.  No, I am not going to tell you why.  That is what humans do. When we do not know something we attribute it to God and to Nature,  I am particularly feeling a little overwhelmed today and would like to skip the Nature explanation, which is probably half-right only anyway.

But let us not shy away from the reason of this dramatic beginning. When it rain, it pours.  Very fortunately, our situation is like California’s the last 4 years.  We need the rain and we will take as much as we can get.  That has been our reality and our upcoming near future.  We are getting all the rain we want and are extremely happy that we are super busy and without any free time.  We are so occupied, that our blog is late! (as you know this is not rare)

One thing I can tell you is that a bunch of work has never hurt any new business.  A bunch of opportunities has always given people hope. A bunch of people working together can make a real difference. A bunch of focused strategies can really create a new company from scratch.  That is us a bunch of hard-working partners who are standing in the middle of a tornado of activity. Not all of it will yield good results and not all results will be as expected. But we are so nailed down to the ground with perseverance that no force can move our resolve. We have hope and we have energy. We also have a bunch of bills that we need to pay by the way… Oh well, I guess that is success,

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mothers who are reading this. And those who are not, make sure you thank them for being the most wonderful and special human beings.

Stay Calm and Keep Humble…