As we have a large group of fans waiting to hear what we are doing (almost 6 at last count) I can tell you that next week is the deadline for deciding to continue or to shut down this crazy venture.  There is no way in hell I am shutting down.

I want you to know that we have so much stuff in our plate, we are considering seriously turning business away. No joke.  We have so many people interested in our services and our programs that I can honestly tell you we that are overwhelmed.  I am unfortunately working 6 to 7 days a week now, not what I wanted, but if you start a new business, what do you expect?  Money is OK, we are covering our expenses, not making much yet, but the maturity of the projects is what brings you long-term income streams not so much the initial phase.

My partners have started to get bonuses plus their salaries and my wife/partner might be getting a salary soon!  She is happy. I am the only one that is still broke, but happy!  I will tell you one thing, the one-year anniversary blog will be something interesting, I assure you, that is coming up after Labor Day.  You can’t do this by yourself, my partners are all great and most of all, our principals, are really awesome.

One thing that I do, and frankly I do well, is that I am always curious to push the limits of business.  I want to learn more and to meet different people.  We have been fortunate enough to make investments in avenues that will bring us more quality business. I think that your time investments are the most costly and they are the ones that take longer to pay off.  There is no substitute though for satisfaction and I am telling you, we are entrepreneurs and we rock!

Keep Calm and Stay Humble… while rocking it….