Busy…Real busy…

…and happy.  I guess that is what matters at the end of the day.  I have had a lot of luck in my jobs over the years. I have been truly blessed to work for people that were willing to take a chance on me and my big mouth along with my know-it-all attitude. I know I am annoying and sometimes arrogant.  As well as I know that my tone is condescending at times and my sarcastic remarks do not help.  That is what makes me special.

We are all imperfect beings; I am proud to count myself as imperfect and human. I am happy that I get to live everyday with my multiple flaws and countless people telling me (or not) about them.  I really hold no ill-will towards people who remind me of my character deficiencies or point out the brashness in my personality.  On the contrary, every time and every day I mess up, I learn to be more humble and to expect to fail again in my daily dealings.  Nothing like a good dose of foot in your mouth.

If you are wondering if I did something or if something happened for me to be so candid, well, no, nothing happened, but I am so busy at this point in time that two things I must confess:  One, I had nothing to post this week, so I roasted myself in an effort to fill these pages and two, and most importantly, I need to remind myself that I should not take myself that seriously, even though I am busy, busy, busy and might want to get the feeling of importance somewhere in there in my big head.

So, as I was telling you, it is good to be happy with one’s imperfections; I would rather know them and work on them than ignore them and believe I am something I am not.  An entrepreneur’s life is simpler when you accept things as they are.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck…


Keep Calm and Stay Humble….