Personal moment…

This weekend I graduated from Villanova University. I was bestowed a Master’s of Science in Analytics from the Villanova School of Business. Basically Predictive Analytics on Steroids. Big Data is the future.

As many of you know, I hold a Master’s of Business Administration from Rice University.  My specializations are Marketing and Strategy. I received my degree from the Jones Graduate School in 2010.

My wife and partner has told me no more school. I can see and understand why.  Not only are they really expensive, but they take a lot of space from our family time. They place a big stressful burden on me and most of all, they do not let me practice my golf game (which really needs to be practiced.)

All in all, this week’s blog is to tell you I am so tired of school (right now) I do not foresee anything in the future for the next 3 years at least. After that, I am not making any promises. Now, if something extraordinary were to happen and let’s say I have all the time in the world and nothing else to do, well then…education will always prevail.  An interested mind will always find a friend in culture and books.  An entrepreneur’s mind does not rest, it only loses consciousness.  Always educating yourself will lead you to discovery of new and wonderful truths about life, others and mostly about yourself.

I love to learn new thing and challenge myself. I invite you to take what seems an impossible challenge and look at how you can improve your own education. You will be a better person for it, not because of titles or initials at the end of your name, but because you will discover that there is a part of you that is wonderfully complex and yearns strengthening your most important desires: Curiosity.

For now, let’s stick to this new company and forget about the books for a while

Stay Calm and Keep Humble…