Life goes on

As I talk to many friends and business associates whom I have worked with over the years I find one thing in common: they all are glad to hear from me. I find that great, it means a lot of people appreciate me. But, and very respectfully to all my colleagues and not complaining, but with purpose of being a realist, we hang up and life goes on. We reply an email, and life goes on. Its natural, its correct and its business. I do the same thing probably.

I say this not because I am implying that friends do not help, but i say this because friends can’t help. They have problems and activities of their own. You do not want to overburden friends because you made a tough decision, that is all on you! Some people do not help because they can’t and the person either gets offended or doubts friendship. Do not confuse friendship and loyalty with the power or willingness to get you out of a jam you created. I certainly don’t and do not expect, in a good way for people to do so.

As a friend, YOUR obligation is to understand them, you are the one calling or emailing them! You are the entrepreneur, you are the one who is broke, or soon to be, not them. So friends, when I call you and tell you about my new venture, don’t worry or feel pressured to say yes, true friends should understand that you can’t help and I do, and that is just fine, because next time I see you I will say thanks for listening and catch up as friends should. And so, life goes on…….