The Roller Coaster

So this has been the week where there have been so many things and emotions that I am fried.  It was a great week and we accomplished so many things in such little time, and then I was dealt with a small but significant confidence blow.  What to do now I say….?  Scream?  pull out the little hair I have left?  Get a banana split?.

I might just do all 3 of them right now. But I won’t because it would not do any good and I will probably be embarrassed tomorrow.  A thing that all entrepreneurs have to possess is a thick skin and a short memory.  I have both and I am extremely motivated to forget things that I do not like. Today, I will just remember the ones that I like and I choose to forget the other ones AFTER I figure out what went wrong and how things get screwed up so quickly sometimes.  That might take a couple of hours of my night, but tomorrow I will be a new man.  Whatever happens, happens and you move on….

I am proud to tell you that tomorrow is a great day as it is my wedding anniversary and I am excited to be sharing a good time with my lovely wife.  Why would I ruin this lovely day with this enchanting woman because something went wrong somewhere else?  Not me.  There is too much of a good thing in life to be worrying about trivial details and minimizing your great fortune.

The roller coaster of emotions is nothing in life when you do not learn that all roller coasters stop at a predefined point in time and space.  If you can’t recognize that things will get to normality, then it’s on you. If you can deal with it, then you can basically ride the kiddie coaster forever without feeling that lump in you stomach.

I will be in the kiddie coaster, right after I take some TUMS tonight….

Keep calm and stay humble