It is what it is…

For those that know me in business, this is one of my favorite sayings.  It reflects the fact that 1) I accept reality, 2) Reality does not bother me, 3) If it bothers me, there is no point in it.

I have learned, as many of us have, that life isn’t really about what you want. It really pays no attention to your wants or needs, it’s a bitch and then you die.  Well, before you get all negative on me and think I am turning evil here, I mention this because unless there is an unforeseen event in your life (like a tragedy), your life is mostly what you make of it with your everyday actions, thoughts and feelings. You decide the path you will follow and you paint the line on the road ever so broadly with the way you conduct yourself as a human being.

I hope that I conduct myself in an honorable manner always, and if I don’t I hope that I reason it out, before life makes me real aware of it.  Be careful when you read this, do not think that I am saying that tragedies are brought on by your actions.  What I am saying is that, other than unfortunate events, our current state of being is the result of all of our own willful actions, so there you go, it is what it is.  No way around that.

I will enjoy my philosophy time this week and will entertain myself with some work over the weekend, being that business calls for it.  Yes, I remember I said I wanted to rest 3 days a week. Well, that is not part of my reality YET.  I did not want to work weekends, that is not possible YET.  And when it is time and it is possible, it will be the result of the decisions made today and yesterday and so on.  So life is to be enjoyed and then you live!

Stay Calm and Keep Humble….