Just as you think things start to settle down after your first year, you come to the reality and by the way, a very harsh realization, that challenges are always present and that we need to keep looking at the future in a completely and ever-changing environment.

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody.  We always think it is easy because so many people have their own businesses and are successful. But I want you to know and understand that a lot of the successful ones take a lot of shortcuts.  And a lot of the unsuccessful ones, do not.  We live in a world where ethics are often compromised, and in my point of view, a dollar or a million of them is not worth more than my principles.

So, going back to changes; if you think about the amount of resources, expenses and commitments that could be saved by dancing around the lines vs the ones you actually invest when you do things by the book you get a very good idea of why some companies can’t pass that 2 year mark that is so commonly referred as the “you made it” sign.  And if you think about it on the long run, companies that establish a false expense base are dreaming when they think they can correct it later on, – it will not happen, in fact it will get worse.  The more committed they are to certain results and shortcuts, the stronger they will reinforce them.

Each and everyone makes their choice on the type of business they will have and how they choose to grow it.  It is not unfair for people to not follow the rules. It is highly unethical and illegal in most cases, but it is their right to choose how straight or crooked their company will be.  Why is it not unfair?  Because those few that make it following all the rules, can count on a future thriving and solid business, those that don’t are set for disappointment and long-run issues. Unfairness, that is only an excuse for yourself in the why you are not being successful in your business, you need to go somewhere else with that trash-thinking, not here.

We are owners of our destinies and the challenges we get are the result of being entrepreneurs, no one else’s. Suck it up, keep working and follow your principles, let’s see where they take us.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble…