Not in your lifetime…

One thing that really drives me up the wall from anybody is the lack of… grammar.  I will bet you that if I hear someone abusing the language, it drives me more up the wall than if I have a major issue at work.  I guess this is part of my upbringing and mostly I think it is part of my obsessive nature and compulsive family history.  For those that know me well, you know we are not all there.

But that is okay, believe me I do not mind.  On the contrary, I think that sometimes the hard hands that life deals you can be converted into positives if you recognize them on time.  I particularly always saw that I was very much always trying to turn in everything in order and was always looking for mistakes in my work and all others’ work. I was even accused of looking only for errors on many occasions.  Maybe they were right and I was only looking at the bad side of things or at the little blemish instead of pointing out all the good things the work I was given had.

With time, I learned that there were better ways to point out mistakes and that people were not necessarily happy, like I was, when I found my errors.  People had put a lot of effort and pride to their work and I just threw it in their face with negatives instead of compliments.  This was not smart and certainly not signs of a good leader.  With time I caught on that even if they know that you are going to catch something you phrase it differently and you do it positively.  Not everyone shares our little obsessions.

I was told that I could never change and I thought not while I am looking to improve my work, but I was wrong and on the contrary, sometimes your work improves more if those little things are let go because people are much happier with their jobs and the space after a period is not a deal -breaker nor will it kill anyone.  Sometimes you have to learn on how to let it slide, not for mediocrity but for happiness of others who do not share your quirks.

If you thought you would never hear this from me, I guess I just surprised you and I am glad I did, because I am happier this way, and I think everyone that works with me is happier as well.

PS.  I am not sure this applies to my kids’ school work, but it is a start and a break for all others!

Keep Calm and Stay Humble…