I was talking to a friend today and asking him if he ever noticed that one of our old customers was very similar in personality to a person who we know. He replied he had not noticed it but he completely agreed that Greed was the main characteristic that defined both of these people.

I sure hope I never come to a point in life when Greed overtakes the most cherished of our actions which is generosity or un-selfishness. I have always considered myself as a noble person, both in spirit and in material things. It would be, not only embarrassing but contradictory to my morals, to cherish in excess more than what is needed. Nothing wrong with making a good living, wanting to make more money, wanting to save and build assets, but I do certainly something wrong with having avarice blind you silly and expose your nature to your peers.

Those of you that know me, if I ever become this, please feel free to tell me and gladly call me out on it. I promise I will not get upset or mad, but I will probably be ashamed of my actions and thank you. I have always enjoyed sharing the material things that God had given me. I have always enjoyed sharing a good time with people, even if I do not know them. I have never enjoyed having a lot of anything in material terms. It scares me to be honest.

Deserving, earning, making, gaining, creating, accumulating, winning, are all words that deal with acquisition of goods or fortune. Maybe we should treat those words more in the context of character and make real sure that we do not confuse them with being a good person. These words will never characterize a good parent, a good husband, a real friend or a king employer. They usually do the opposite. So in essence, for those in Greed, it forces them to want more, and for the ones who are on the other side, that they punish with their actions to gain their insatiable appetite.

As entrepreneurs, we have also social responsibility. To out employees, to our communities, to our suppliers and customers and yes, to our families. But our Greed can define the future of those we are supposed to serve, and mark them in a horrible way. Look at Mark Z from Facebook and his announcement today. This guy is young, has changed the world and is willing to put up instead of falling victim to Greed. Maybe he knows, the world will be a better place, if it starts changing with each of our actions. I believed that too. Good for him and his family. Certainly Greed has failed to possess him like so many others.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble