As a holiday season is upon us, you can imagine business takes a small bit of a downturn. People are on vacation, people are busy, retailers are going crazy, and people are just basically putting everything off till next year. As an entrepreneur, we have discussed in previous postings, that patience is a virtue, and this is no exception.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed by most of us. For some people it is very hard because it has been a hard year, or maybe the holidays bring back sad memories. Last time I checked, we are old emotional and social human beings, so it is natural that we will react differently to varied events.

So, while we wait for the holidays to pass us, we are waiting creatively and preparing diligently for January 2016. To be honest, we realized quickly that our breakthrough months would be the first quarter of next year, and that’s OK. We have plenty of things to do and we are extremely busy thankfully. Not making much money but certainly preparing our business to have a solid infrastructure, and that is a wonderful investment to make.

Any good business strategy will include the waiting game. So far we are still preparing our chips, setting up the board and figuring out who’s going to roll the die first. So we will enjoy the holidays and we will enjoy our business. I suggest you do the same !