Well, I finally see deals materializing. That was not that hard right? It only took us 6 months. Now we have to make them work and we have to make sure we can keep up with them. We will be very busy the next 6 months figuring out how we will improve our company and working hard, while wearing multiple hats, to survive as a business,

It is such a cool thing to see you struggling and then to realize that, as we said before and kind of a sadistic approach, it will get worse before it gets better. I love the fact that we are making mistakes and we are learning from them, as well, as the notion that sometimes when we feel there is no tomorrow, there always is!

The roller coaster ride continues and we are fully enjoying it. We are so pumped and so depressed at the same time it is hard to describe, I guess you would call it “pumpessed” It is great and I love to face the new challenges that this new company brings us. It is like a race against the clock. We all know that 80 percent of all new business crash in the first 18 months, well 6 down and 12 to go. We are on our way to crashing by the way, but you don’t see me worrying, why? Because a new business can have a company changing event any day (good or bad) , so its about the focus and attitude, as well as the drive and vision.

We are so Pumpessed it’s not even funny, we are crying all the way to success if you ask me, and we are loving every down and up that this ride has to offer. You probably could not find a happier time in my life, when I worried so little about other things. I am focused on my marriage, my kids, my work, my school and whatever else comes along, then I deal with it.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble