Writer’s block…

Not sure what to write about this week. Maybe I should tell you about the deal that….no, that would be presumptuous.  Well, maybe I should share the payments that we… not that would be bragging.  Maybe I should tell you about the new account we landed… well, that would be stupid.  Ok, I know! I just told you and did not tell you.

Sometimes, an entrepreneur has to share and sometimes an entrepreneur has to stay quiet, even if he wants to share.  I particularly like to share, but common sense and other people’s conflicted interests prevent me from doing so.  Remember, this is a public blog so anyone can read (yes, I know you have been reading this…)

Anyway, I felt like today’s wisdom comes from the ability to not take it personal and I don’t.  Life is too short to worry about these details.  I would rather hug my wife or kiss one of my kids. I would rather spend lunch with one of my partners or read a good book.  I would rather shoot 9 holes and get some exercise.  I will delve neither in anger nor in despair as I see people doing so, why you ask, because I am happy and at peace.  God is fair and God is good. Don’t need much more than that.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble