For such a long time, I have been busy and struggling to keep this new business afloat.  For many months I decided that I would stick to doing what made me happy.  Then as time passed, I had an opportunity to help some friends and I decided to start sharing what made me happy.  Now, 9 months later, we are now at that point where we are making some people unhappy.

Who are these people you might ask? Competition? No, that would be too easy.  Former Employers, no, that would be such a cliché.  Neighbors? No, we are not rowdy at all.  Then, who do we make unhappy if it is not the usual suspects?  Well, frankly, it is the people that we represent and our customers.

You might be shocked at hearing this but hang on and you will see if it makes sense.  If you know me, you know that once I start after something or somebody, I rarely let up. I am like a house fly.  I will pester you until you get us what we need. I will be on the phone,  email, chat, Facebook, text, Instagram, Whatsapp, Slack and yes, even smoke signals, but we will get to a point where you will get so tired and annoyed with me that you will get me what you promised you would (if you promised, you have to deliver!)

So we have these companies and customers who are working with us and are excited to see the things we are bringing to the table and they tell us, bring it, but when we do, it frankly overwhelms them.  We do not do this to annoy people (even though we are so naturally good at it), we do this because we have a high sense of responsibility and we have made commitments with other people down the road.

I have one principal in particular who has been really good at recognizing this, and you guessed it, we are growing tremendously with them.  He is a man who recognized the Obsessive Compulsion in me and said, if I can get him what he needs, he will fight for me all the time!  And we have!, and he is no longer annoyed. He is happy. Some others are barely catching on, and others frankly just don’t get it.  Even though they want results, they are not understanding that we fight for them with that high energy,  When they do, they will enjoy the tremendous success of those who have. We feel honored to be their agents and not to be an annoyance any longer.


Keep Calm and Stay Humble