As I was looking at a beautiful baby girl in a flight back from a business trip today, I quickly realized that I missed my children. I transported myself to when my youngest kids were babies and I remembered, regretfully, that as a frequent traveler, I lost so much precious time with my children – all 4 of them and my wife as well.

I have been fully aware of this since those days, but now that I see things differently as changes keep hitting me, I could not help but tear up and ask myself why I had so very few recollections of my kids in their infancy.  Well the answer is simple:  I was not there most of the time.

The choices I made I can never take back. I have such a good relationship with my 4 kids that I only wish I could had more time with them to enjoy all of their talents and adventures.  But if you think about it, I just told you that I was on a plane coming back from a business trip, which had me 3 days out.  I have been preparing for this trip for the last 10 days of non-stop and stressful activities, and I have been pretty much in another world these last 10 days I have been at home. Needless to say, I was at home and at the same time I was away.  So is it really the fault of my years traveling that I lost so much time, is it really the fault of my choices professionally or is it just that I am so tired and probably don’t remember my name anymore (I actually do remember it very well.)

None of this is the answer; all I can come up with is that my choices were correct and that my memories are the ones I have. So be it. I can’t change what happened, good or bad; I can only expect that my future actions will lead me to spend more focused time with my kids.

I can only expect that our business decisions will be the results of the choices we have made so far. I know that we will have great results and that these last two weeks will deliver a great future.

I lost more hair this week than usual and had some great headaches, but I was proud of my team, my kids and my wife for the way they supported my choices. Now we wait for the results which should be grand.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble