Wasted Time…

As we continue to find the right balance for our business we find that there are endless possibilities to what we can do.  They all require one thing in common, that is the ever-precious, non-renewable, natural resource of time.  You waste it, you can’t get it back.  Some would say that reading this is a total waste of time, or that taking the time to write it is a waste – everyone has a different appreciation of it I guess.

One thing I do know is that time in a new business is not only wasted daily but also we sort of build up a reserve to waste time in the future.  Highly inefficient.  This has to do with the broad-scope approach of taking a look at everything and the trying to be everything to everyone.  It has been proven, by many wiser than I am, that you need to focus your resources on defined areas and this way you will not waste time.

Just yesterday a good friend invited me for breakfast and we talked for about 90 minutes.  It took me about 30 minutes to get there and then waited a brief 10 minutes as well.  We had a terrific conversation about life and some business was  mentioned as well.  At the end of the reunion, I hurried back to my office and was backed up all day.  I got out at 630pm and went to see my kids at the pool, where I was pleasantly surprised to see another friend and we talked for another hour.  You could say that I wasted time.

But I will differ with the experts and tell you, in my own humble know-it-all way that no time is wasted if you pay attention and consider the possibilities.  This friend of mine proposed a project that is out of what I want to do, but at the same time, put my imagination to work and I think that I can actually help him, help me and help some customers.  Just the day before I wasted time going to Dallas and I met another friend who was talking to me about a project that, guess what, we would be able to help him resolve his problem.  And on top of that, I truly believe that we can make it work (based on our limited info) with critical mass achieved quickly as well.

If I had not wasted time going to Dallas and wasted time going to talk to breakfast with my friend and wasted more time thinking about this in the pool, then this whole blog would have been a waste of time. As it is, it is now a project to consider seriously and hopefully I will have time to develop it.

Keep Calm and Stay Humble…